Russian visa day

11 Jun 2013

Today I filled out 6 Russian visa forms and my head is fried.  That doesn't sound like a lot to show for a day's work.  In fairness to me, they do ask for a lot of detail, and also require you to get an invitation and voucher from an authorised tourist agency.  To get the invite/voucher documents, you have to provide details to an authorised agent, and I was warned that the details on both the invite and my visa applications had to match exactly or I'd have to start over again.  Several people warned me that no matter what I do, I will be visiting the embassy a few times before they accept my application, so I went over every detail multiple times. 
I'm going to the Embassy Friday morning, looking forward to it in a masochistic sort of way!  Actually it's just another step on our journey, so will take it as it comes...