Bumpy start

16 Jul 2013

A Red Kite, the reintroduced birds of pray that we often watch from our farm, swooped low over our heads as I gave final instructions to the great volunteer team we were leaving Carraig Dúlra with this summer. It was as if to say I’ll keep an eye on things too now be off with you.” And so we set off for Rosslare port in Wexford stopping off for a great meal in Ferrycarrig thanks to my dad. We said our goodbyes for a month to our oldest two kids who wouldn’t be joining us for a month when they will fly into Astana- Kazakhstan!

A bit earlier than expected we had our first mechanical problem. Ten minutes off the ferry in Wales we got a sudden vibration in the rear wheel. We pulled in just in time. All but one of the wheel nuts had sheared off!! We had a bit of fun phoning UK towing services but eventually a lovely young Welsh man arrived. 
So our first night’s camping was in a garage in Pembroke!
Breakfast was cooked on the back of a rescue vehicle. 
At 8.30 David Thomas took on the work of welding new nuts to the shorn off bits to unscrew them. He worked all morning on it and ordered a new brake as the old one had been damaged - pity as it was brand new. The diagnosis was that the nuts had been put back on too tight as apparently the VW LT nuts have a way of self tightening and shearing can result!  
The boys spend the morning drinking the garage hot chocolate and playing football and we got under way around 2pm.
My cousin Spike had the BBQ just right when we arrived in London. We had some bubbly left by my other cousin Ros oh and some Ghengis Kahn vodkah as a night cap to toast us on our way.