to Prague

16 Jul 2013

Late that evening we pulled in to the little town of Beauville and asked if there was somewhere to park. We were directed to the Salon de Fete. There we found a fete- a 50th wedding anniversary. We joined the party invited by a man called “Christmas, Christmas” as he kept saying. Very friendly! - wine and beer- brioche and drinks for kids- Noel brought out his horn, we brought out our bodhran and whistle and played a bit. Then we chatted to the older folk about the area and the history and their neighbouring countries. They told us they really still held some old attitudes to Germans.  One old man pointed and said well you know we are only 50km that way to Verdun to explain his attitude.


We went to see modern Germany for ourselves early next morning. 
Like everyone tells you- fast roads, lots of trucks. We stopped in a great campsite in the late evening just before Nuremberg, with a pool and fishing lake just what we needed to unwind after those fast roads. Finn caught a great big one but it got away. He was happy we’d stopped in Decathlon before leaving france for some forgotten essentials that included some fishing line!

The sat nav was doing well on route to Prague but in the city it went a bit nuts, possibly due to tramlines.  It nearly re-calculated itself to into sat nav afterlife, and caused me a small amount of stress, but finally managed to help us pull up to Linda’s quiet leafy street! We recovered in her apartment with a cuppa before heading out to sample late evening Prague cafe life on a balmy evening.