Prague tour and into Poland

16 Jul 2013

Linda is working as a tour guide in the city at the moment and very kindly took us on really great tour of Prague

We left in the early evening for Poland and stopped just inside Polish border to camp. 
The boys found friends immediately!
The Camp site manager turned out to have been in Athlone for 4 years driving a milk lorry for  a 100 farms to Kells creamery.
We met another young man the next morning when getting our new spare new wheel Mullingar 5 years.

Our first police stop was just before Lodz a polite young man checked our documents smiled and sent us on our way!
In Lodz we spent a lovely day and two nights with a group we connected with through my permaculture student Ola who’d returned to live near Lodz. More on this visit in the permaculture blog.